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Page Stationery Promotion

We are pleased to announce that Page Stationery is running a promotion through the end of the summer.  Order 100 Save the Dates, Wedding Invitations, RSVP Cards or Reception Cards and you will receive 25 free.  Make your appointment toady … Continue reading

Library Benefit Design

Ah, designing on a dime. This particular event was a challenge. How to design a dinner for 130 in a (very) formal Great Room of a home that was not yet complete? Days before the event a half-ton chandelier was … Continue reading

Pinhole Press Weddings

I am a big fan of mixing printing styles, suites and even printers for my clients. I think it’s infinitely more chic to mix and match your wedding papers than to be too matchy-matchy. It also is a great cost-saving … Continue reading

The Printery, Oyster Bay

Tidy it’s not. Fascinating it definitely is.  For over a decade I’ve seen the work from, and heard tell of The Printery, in my childhood town of Oyster Bay, Long Island.  Finally I happened to be visiting the town and sought … Continue reading

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