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Now that the foliage in Tuxedo Park is changing from a luscious summer green to a fiery autumn orange and red, it’s time to put away the beach dinnerware and to break out the Caskata.  We love how Shawn Laughlin’s designs allow you to indulge your whims and to mix and match the various collections.

The foundation of this tabletop is the Leesburg Chains Dinner Plate, the Yorkshire Hedgerow Salad Plate and the Rabbits Canapes.  Note that the canapes come in a boxed set of 6, so you can have fun matching the bunnies to your guest’s personality.

Under the dinner plates, we have used two different chargers.  The anchor charger is our exclusive White Pearlescent Glass Charger from Turkey.  In this shot, you can just see the silver rim that gives this table a touch of elegance.  The second charger is Aura by Roost.  Each Aura charger is stoneware shaped into organic forms and then fired with an earthy metallic glaze.  Each piece exhibits textural nuances and the color will range from gold to dark bronze.  The matte glaze will develop a patina with use.

The glassware is from the Octavia Collection by Juliska.  The flatware is Gabriella by Match.  The napkin is the Wedding Library Collections exclusive Glittered Linen Dinner Napkin.

To light the table, we have used Roost’s Mineral Tea Light Holders.  They give off such a rich, golden light that gives every occasion an exquisite glow.  Round off the table design with fruits that you have bought from the local farmers market.

Paperie by Atelier Isabey


Photography by Eduardo Patino

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