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Last week I was honored to be invited to host the inauguration party for the launch of the Ambassador’s River View at the United Nations.  This brand new party space holds over 400 guests for a sit-down dinner and dance and boasts an incredible outdoor terrace with a tremendous view of the East River.  Never mind the mind-blowing cool-factor of holding an event at the UN.  And the amazing preferred vendors on site including Bentley Meeker Lighting & Staging and my friend Sylvia Weinstock’s cakes.

For all of you who have these requirements on your wedding checklist, this venue’s for you:

1. Iconic New York (worldwide) landmark venue, oh, conceived by Le Corbusier
2. Profoundly meaningful and important international institution
3. Best views in Manhattan
4. Large enough for all your best friends (and more)
5. Outdoor space
6. Prestigious preferred vendors
7. Convenient mid-town location
8. Blank slate tent to let your imagination soar
9. Great staff who are ready to accommodate you
10.  Comes with a tour of the General Assembly (where else can you get that?!)

To learn more about the venue, click here.

The invitation, I love the line drawing of the UN
Sylvia Weinstock’s cake version of the UN
I got to hold the ribbon at the ribbon cutting — next time I want to get my hands on those giant scissors!
The tent view from the Terrace
The tent view at night with the Manhattan skyline in the background
Sylvia’s cake was being passed at the event. Yum!
You don’t see him often, but here’s Sylvia’s wonderful husband, Ben.
A gazillion-dollar view
Inside the tent you can create magic!
With my chef friend Hideko Colton, fun!


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